Saturday, November 8, 2008

his thought, my amazing morning

I woke up one morning after a long night of arguing with ugly eyes and a letter on his side of the bed. He was kinda mad and I cried a little, then I called a pause and went to bed. Along with the letter, he left his bracelet.

I sat up straight and then put the bracelet on my left ankle, and started to read. After a terrible night, he wrote:

Tonight, the tears that has been locked up inside has escaped.
It all escaped so quickly till it's really hard to catch each of them.
It all began to escape when she began to slowly close her eyes.
I couldn’t look anywhere else.
All I want to see is her.
And when I tried to look away, my face was automatically turned back, kept still, staring and admiring her.

Her big eyes that’s half closed.
Her lips that are half open making me feel like kissing her so badly.
Her small hands, that has been posed near her head giving a look of cuteness.
It reminded me of the good days spent with her, until now, in my opinion at least.

Each tear that had ran down my cheek, defines how much I miss her on how we used to be.

Each tear reminded me of the sweet smile that has made me happy.
Each tear reminded me of how happy I was, when hugging her.
The hug, the hug that cools down my abnormal body temperature to a constant.
Each tear reminded me how much I miss sleeping with her, side by side, face to face.
The small hands that wrapped around my body weight a weight that made me feel comfy, making me not want to change my position.
Each tear reminded me of the kiss that matches my lips, the kiss that I would like more and more of.

Oh, the happy and comfy feeling that she has given me.
Are the feelings that I could not let go.
I thank her for every single thing she’s done to me.
She’s the best gift that I’ve ever had.

Unfortunately, in the mean time it’s not a really good time for us.
Unfortunately, in the mean time I’m not able to hug and kiss her.
Ow of how much I miss u lately. I can’t take it.

But just like what happened in the past, patience is all I need for now.
Because what comes is better, then what came.
So light up, light up.

Sorry ya kalo jelek...

I cried again, missing him badly and half-panicking for his absence in my bedroom, I stormed out to the living room. And there he was, smiling widely at me with a pair of tired eyes - lack of sleep - wrapped me around with his arms close to him.

And at that moment, I knew I am home.

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