Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I stopped eating rice (yeah right) and my boyfriend told me not to waste any time blogging about this (while eating my left arm which starting to look like jell-o). So I decided to start working out, I mean I used to love sports but somehow this university life ruined my healthy lifestyle. Et voila! I decided to swim. Which used to be my all-time-favourite, which then turned out to be ALOT more difficult after a year of absence.

me, struggling

Yeah well I struggled for like, 10 laps, and then surrendered to 10 crab springrolls afterwards. Then I forced myself to run and I (uhm) collapsed. In my defense, that was my first day of (sorry) period. So I guess that didn't count. And I'm sorry to all of my sweet friends that were involved in that collapsing moment. Eka, I know you will read this sometime soon, I promise to check and double check my health before I follow your tough routine of exercising.

At the end of the day, I managed to understand the moral of this whole collapsing story. "Beauty is painful" THAT can't be more true.

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