Saturday, November 8, 2008

once upon a blue

Was walking slowly through the monochromatic scenes of my days, swinging by every moment when I captured a slight of red from afar. He was sitting there in silence, quietly attracted me, and slowly putting his colours into my scene. I used to walk from the black, enjoyed the grey, and ended up in the white until he came along with his redness. I took his reaching hands along with his lips and I found out that life is more than just black and white.

He opened my world to the colours that I am beginning to live in.

And as I am sitting here thinking about tomorrows, I fade into blue. For someday tomorrow, I will be missing him. Tomorrow someday, I will start counting my days to his bright red laughter.

For someday tomorrow, I will have to kiss and wave him goodbye, see you, and take care.

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